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Big data is about to change financial markets completely.

Companies confronted with big data analysis are challenged with keeping track of all the relevant information. Besides, markets are not structured and following conventional patterns but rather driven by emotions.

Traders and investors alike need to tackle these new challenges by implementing high speed methods and conquering a market that is so time critical that a split second can mean the win or loss of millions of dollars.

What we do

We detect market moving news, in realtime.

Our algorithms are a combination of different parts of statistical analysis and machine learning. They enable customers to successfully make data-based decisions by giving them exclusive access to highly valuable information and unique advantages over competitors. This is ensured by an innovative parallel analysis of information diffusion on the web and orderbook activities. The model maximizes prediction speed and accuracy while minimizing trading risk.

Who we are

We have a passion for computer science and financial analysis.

Cortecs is an academic spin-off of the University of Vienna. We are one of the winners of the Spin-off Fellowship program and are funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. Cortecs is supported by the Rocket Science startup academy and the research group Theory and Applications of Algorithms of the University.

Our team consists of computer scientists, data scientists and high-ranking financial experts.


Universität Wien
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
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currently based at
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